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I plan to create a 3D blu-ray, playing on 3D TVs. Do I have to spend 7000$ to buy the DoStudio MVC Encoder?

Best regards,


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Hi Laurent,

you need an MVC encoder so, yes, it's the DoStudio Encoder or one of the more expensive encoders from Cinemacraft or Sirius Pixels.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for replying.

This page states that Sony Vegas Pro is an encoder working with DoStudio:

But if I understand, Sony Vegas Pro will not encode in 3D?


Hi Laurent,

no, you need a proper MVC encoder and there aren't that many on the market. Depending on your budget and quality/feature set requirements you can choose from the Dostudio Encoder, Cinemacraft or Sirius Pixels.

I have a spare licence of the latest Cinemacraft MVC encoder available for sale at a good price so if you want to go for the highest end quality drop me a private message.

Hello Laurent, Vegas Pro 13 does have the ability to encode MVC (3D) streams (base and dependent) from stereo video files in a 3D project on the timeline.

Rendering using the Sony AVC/MVC plug-in with one of the following templates creates two files when you render your stereoscopic 3D video:

    • MVC 1280x720-60p, 25 Mbps video stream

    • MVC 1280x720-50p, 25 Mbps video stream

    • MVC 1920x1080-24p, 25 Mbps video stream

The base stream is a full-resolution 2D AVC video, and the dependent stream is an MVC video that contains video data for the other eye

However, the ability to adjust the bitrate and the better quality MVC streams will come from using one of the options as Peter B. mentions.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

DSA support.

Hello DSA Support,

Thank you for your answer.

If I want to have the blu-ray replicated, not only burned (to sell it), does Vegas Pro 13 provide the following?:

1. AACS encryption

2. And DDP 3.0 or CMF 2.0 (also known as DDP 3.1) image generation

Also, as I want to do only slide shows (not movies) with sound, is Movie Studio 13 Suite enough, rather than Vegas Pro 13?


Hello Laurent, Vegas Pro 13 does not have the capability to generate the BDCMF replication files for Blu-ray Disc replication. DoStudio does.

DSA Support

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