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I'm having issues encoding 3D with DSE 2.6

I have 1h 50m of Left and Right eyes, Apple Prores HQ files in 23.98.

The BD will have 1 dts-hd audio track (peaking at 5.5mbit) and 3 dubs with dolby digital 5.1 I 640kbit/s.

When I calculate this, I should be able to encode with atleast 30mbit/s. However, doing so and compiling I end up with 5-6 warnings that either the dependant stream is above 32mbit, or that the combined bitrate is above 64mbit. Which is odd considering the bitrate I encoded at.

Does anyone have any experience with these warnings and know how to deal with them? I've encoded 5-6 times now with different number of warnings, but I alway get warnings. I've gone as low as 27mbit max bitrate with both VBR and CBR, but also get warnings.

Now I'm encoding again with CBR 25mbit and I'm crossing my fingers.

It's impossible to calculate bitrates with an encoder that isn't working as it should. It's either that or the muxer in DSA is giving false warnings on legal bitrate peaks?


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What encoder are you using?

I have seen those warnings with various encoders and never had an issue getting these discs replicated and being checked by either Eclipse or Sony stream verifiers.

Only exception were Cinevision MVC encodes which, for me, never worked ok when used in Dostudio.

Use a CBR of 28 if you want to be on the safe side and you should be ok (you are likely to see those warnings on some projects nevertheless).

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